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Enhance Connect stands as a professional intermediate between large businesses and desired customers Australia-wide. Our purpose as an outsourced sales and marketing company is to ensure quality customer acquisition, brand awareness and customer service for a wide range of clients on a face-to-face basis. Enhance Connect is known for the professional, efficient and genuine nature at which customers are obtained and marketed.

Enhance Connect provides direct marketing services to the community and residential market. We tailor our message to each individual customer, answer questions, build genuine rapport and most importantly, we create a professional long-lasting image for iconic National and International brands. We guarantee results and provide a high return on investment, which is why there is such a demand for our services.

DISCLAIMER: Enhance Connect provides face to face customer acquisition services. Our contracts with existing clients do not cover any online marketing, therefore we have not listed any of our clients publicly to ensure we keep in line with current contractual agreements.

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